Are you currently paying for more minutes than you need?As of this writing, the lowest advertised calling plan Verizon Wireless offersis 450 anytime minutes for $39.99.If you are not a big chatter than you might want to downgrade to one of their unadvertised (emergency) pans.You will not find these plans on their website so you will have to call customer service.  Be persistent, they do exist!

$34.99 / month
300 anytime minutes
Unlimited nights and weekends
Free long distance in the continental US
$25.00 / month
100 anytime minutes
500 night and weekend minutes
$20.00 / month
50 anytime minutes
100 night and weekend minutes
Prepaid is the absolute cheapest!
Still too expensive? If you carry your phone around for EMERGENCY only situations then you might want to consider switching to a prepaid plan.  Verizon offers a $100 prepaid card that is good for 1 year which works out to about $8.50 / month.
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