Instantly measure your heart rate by placing your index finger on the camera lens.

Get the most out of your workouts with the myPulse Heart Rate Monitor.
By giving you quick and accurate results, myPulse keeps you in the ideal heart rate zone for more effective workouts.

Managing your heart rate during your workouts is a crucial component of achieving your goals. By exercising within your target-training zone, you’ll achieve more in less time.


  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Displays continuous graph of your heart beat
  • Heart Rate displayed in large font and high contrast for easier reading while running outdoors
  • Instant ready on app launch for easy one handed operation, no need to press a button to start.
  • Displays your Training Intensity and Training Zone
  • Keeps a log of your measurements with option to add notes.
  • Exports Log as CSV file for easy sharing with your coach.

Video Demo: