Attention iPhone 4 users!  Illuminate your world with our FREE app called Real LED Flashlight for iPhone 4.
Real LED Flashlight makes it really easy to use your iPhone 4 camera flash as a very bright flash light.  Designed for quick one tap access to the LED light.  Just launch the app and the light is on!
With the sound activated switch you can activate the light from across the room by clapping or snapping your fingers. Great for turning out the light from your bed while the phone is on the charger.
The strobe feature is great for getting attention such as when riding your bike at night or walking along an unlit road. Motorists can see you from a distance and avoid a potential hazard.
Real LED Flashlight is the absolute brightest flashlight available for the iPhone. No gimmicks with the iPhone screen involved. This app uses the actual camera flash as a flashlight.
Do not get caught in the dark with out it!  Illuminate your world with a real LED flashlight!