Our latest iPhone app just got approved. Your brand new high quality headphones require a burn-in period prior to achieving their high fidelity audio potential.  Think of it like a brand new pair of shoes that need to be worn for a while before they start getting comfortable. This app will break in your headphones and make them sound better.

The idea behind the headphone burn-in process is to play specific sounds that will loosen the diaphragm of the speaker.  Thus making it more flexible and allowing it to vibrate more freely.  In turn, allowing it to produce the best possible sound for the particular design.  That does not mean that your $15 headphones will sound like a $1,000 set. It simply means that your headphones will sound better than they would if you didn’t break them in.

Headphone and speaker burn-in is not a secret, audio professionals have been doing it for years.  And now we have made it simple enough for everyone to do.  This app has everything you need to burn-in your headphones.  Simply plug in your headphones, start the app and choose one of the special sounds to play.

Playing pink noise is arguably the most effective methods of burn-in because its energy is distributed equally throughout audio spectrum. We recommend doing most of your burn-in with pink noise.  If you feel that your headphones lack in a particular are of the spectrum. You can hone in on the details with low, mid and high sweeps.

Description of the available sounds:

White Noise – Random audio noise.
Pink Noise – Random noise uniformly spread through out the audio spectrum.
Quick Sweep – Fast sine wave sweep from 10 – 22,050 Hz
Quick Pulsing Sweep – Sweeps low, mid and high frequencies 3x each.
Frequency Sweep – Slow sine wave sweep 10 – 22,050 Hz
Low Frequency Sweep – 10 – 200 Hz sine wave sweep.
Mid Frequency Sweep – 200 – 5,000 Hz sine wave sweep.
High Frequency Sweep 5000 – 10,000 Hz sine wave sweep.
Ultra High Frequency Sweep 10,000 22,050 Hz sine wave sweep.