If you enjoy string instruments such as the guitar, banjo, setar, sitar, oud, and other lutes then you will love this app!

Tingalin is a unique music application based on the Albanian lute Çifteli (meaning “pair of strings”). This unique application is a lot of fun! Five melodies are preloaded to make you look like a pro right away! With version 1.4 you gain the ability to share your melodies via email with your friends.

Tingalin is played by tapping the 14 notes on the instruments handle. Each note is recorded in the tab and the entire melody is played by shaking the device, as if strumming the real instrument. Each strum up and down (meaning shake of the phone) a note is played.

Tempo is controlled by the frequency of your strumming! Tuning can be adjusted to your prefered pitch using the slider control +/- 1 octave.

Playing tips:

  • The strumming algorithm is designed to mimic as closely as possible the way the real instrument is played. It is all in the wrist, you do not need to move your entire arm like you would perhaps on a guitar.
  • You can vary the technique if you strum in one direction, bring your hand back up gently and strum in the same direction again etc.
  • F4 is the open string note and in my melodies I use it as a bridge because it is tuned close to the drone string and it transitions well between chords.
  • Notes do not resonate long so you may have to elongate a note by playing it multiple times or choose a lower pitch that would resonate longer.
  • Higher pitch faster strumming.

The Çifteli is a wooden instrument with a long thin handle and a pear-shaped sound bowl. This two string lute looks similar to Setar, Saz and Tambura; however, its sound is unique. The first string is used to play the notes while the seconds strings acts as a backup harmonic tune.