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Daughter of Legendary Peeler Sales Man Joe Ades

Ruth Ades-Laurent, daughter of legendary vegetable peeler sales man Joe Ades appeared in Union Square today with her fathers left overs.  “Some fathers leave their kids buildings, my father left me peelers”, said Ades.  I’d say he left her with

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Imogen Heap plays the Tingalin App

  “but before I go to bed I simply must play my tingalin!” by Imogen Heap Imogen Heap is a Grammy nominated English singer-songwriter from Romford, London, most famous for her work as part of Frou Frou and for her

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iFight Pro

New in iFight Pro Two new weapons – Pistol  and Rifle. 3 sounds per weapon based on hit force. Looser accelerometer control. Louder whip crack. iFight turns your iPhone into a toy weapon. Simply choose one of the seven sound

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iFight now also available for Android Phones! Get iFight Pro now in iTunes! iFight Pro focuses on the entire experience and not just about the sound effects.  Sure you can push a button and hear a sound but how much

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Tingalin App is a music application for iOS and Android based on the Albanian lute Çifteli (meaning “pair of strings”). This unique application is educational and best of all it is lot of fun! Five melodies are preloaded to make

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