Fist pump while tracking your calories burned with the “Fist-Pump Challenge”. Touch up those hard to get spots with the new “Catch A Fake Tan” feature. Get a Jersey Shore nickname with the Nick Name generator. Learn hundreds of new pickup lines. Fist Pump at the clubs with your multi-colored glow stick while tracking your calories of course.

UPDATE: Version 1.1 now available with the “Catch A Fake Tan” feature in full effect! 1.1 also includes hundreds more Jersey Shore nick-names and pickup lines.
Catch a Fake Tan feature coming soon! We are still tweaking the power so that you won’t turn orange.


Nicknames – Male and Female Nickname Generator. Every self respecting Jersey Shore club head needs a nickname! That is, unless you were fortunate enough and your parents gave you a cool name like Maximus or Wolf!

Fist Pump Challenge – You can’t hit the clubs without a good fist pump. This tool is designed to help you practice your Fist Pump in the privacy of your own home. Pick a track from your iPod library and Fist Pump to the beat. Try to pump during the entire length of the song. You will get tired but don’t worry as there is an added bonus to this tool! The fist pump challange also keeps track of the calories burned during your fist pumping. You know you have to be in shape before you hit the Jersey shore clubs! Better watch those calories!

Once you think you are a Fist Pump champion, challange your friends to a fist pump stand off! See who can pump the longest with the highest force and burn the most calories. The one who burns the most calories is the one who will win the Fist Pump standoff!

Catch A Fake Tan – Unleash the power of your iPhone and catch a totally fake tan with this new feature. nuf said!

Pickup Lines – You need to work on your pickup lines! You are probably thinking that girls don’t fall for that. Even God likes flattery! Otherwise, why would he have everyone pray to him? Cycle through 100’s of pickup lines. They may not get you to first base but you might skip second and third if used properly!

Glowstick – You hit the club and you are doing your fist pump but you can’t get any attention. What do you do? You need a glow stick! This is not just any ordinary glow stick. This keeps track of how many times you fist pumped, how hard, and how many calories you burned. Choose one of several catchy colors and girls will notice you right away! You can even brag to them about your fist pumping stamina by showing them the glow stick statistics.


Jersey Shore Show · January 17, 2011 at 3:26 pm

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until now! I can finally justify my fist-pumping with burning calories… 😛

The Reason · January 25, 2010 at 12:38 am

Whats up with the tanning thing? its just some flashing lights?…Call me naive but does this really work to tan?

mobileaugmentedreality · January 7, 2010 at 2:26 am

cool idea, i’ll look for it in the app store. love the pickup lines!

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